Rohan Attravanam w/ Grant Cardone

My name is Rohan Attravanam, founder of Phodun Digital and I'm passionate about Real Estate, mentored by Grant Cardone. I've been in digital marketing since 2010 and in the real estate space since 2016. Before starting my own firm, I led SEO and digital marketing efforts at and Ten-X Commercial. Check out my LinkedIn profile and our Google Reviews below

We are offering the world's best listing appointments for real estate agents. We cold call the leads exclusively for you, qualify and identify their motivation, follow up if needed and hand them over when ready. We make sure you approve of these appointments. These are expireds, fsbos, circle prospected leads in the neighborhood and market of your choice.

Carlos Rojas, FL

Carlos, like many of my successful clients, had his doubts about our program. Having been burnt before, he was naturally cautious. But he decided to give our trial a shot, and it paid off big time. In less than two months, he's already scored an impressive 17 listing appointments. His determination and hard work, combined with the effectiveness of our program, have propelled him to success. We're proud to have been a part of his journey.

Volha Elwadi, FL

Volha Elwadi, a successful realtor in Orlando, was initially skeptical when approached by our team. However, our genuine approach convinced her to give our trial period a shot. To her amazement, our team delivered unparalleled value, setting up appointments and following up as promised. Our program has not only met but exceeded her expectations, and she highly recommends it to other realtors looking to take their business to the next level.

Volha Elwadi, FL

Phil Collins, TX

Phil Collins, a successful real estate broker in Houston with over a decade of experience, initially had reservations about our program. In fact, he warned us that he could become difficult to deal with if things didn't go well. However, our program exceeded his expectations, delivering high-quality leads that resulted in 2 of 3 listings under contract. Phil has transformed from a skeptic to a satisfied customer, attesting to the remarkable results our program has delivered.

Listen to a sample call

Listen to a sample call

Testimonials & Results

Locking up a million dollar listing

Let's Go!

Carlos Rojas, FL

3 closed listings, over $45k GCI in 4 months

$6k invested

Sophie and Deb, FL

Dion is making over $50k in 3 months, and loves being with us

Dion Fowler, AZ

Outstanding Results. In 2 months 18 viable leads - 7 NOW business

David Saint Germain, MN

I'm SHOCKED!! 1 Listing + 4 Buyers.


Rina Stuart, FL

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

  • Test our system with 3 appointments for $500 or 1 appointment for $200 (that you approve of) with sellers considering selling their properties. This helps you see for yourself the quality of leads we give you and experience the difference from other marketing companies.

  • These appointments are live connections we make over the phone and adhere to our strict qualification criteria.

  • After the trial we will work to see how many appointments you need to get a signed listing agreement. Reach out for pricing after trial. If the appointments don't meet the standards, we replace it. No questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority.

What is considered an appointment? How do you qualify for a lead?

Three conditions need to be met for it to be an appointment:

  • Lead owns a property and is considering selling it within 6 - 12 months or sooner.

  • Lead is willing to talk to you, an agent at a predetermined time and hear out your plan to get them the best offer.

  • They don’t have a signed agreement with another agent. They could be interviewing other agents.

What are your results?

30% of our appointments list their properties under 12 months. Our clients typically close 10% - 30% of those. So of hundred appointments, you should expect to close 3-9 listings in under 12 months. I’m happy to connect you with a client of mine if you’d be interested. We've served over 200 agents in the past 3 years of the business, and just in the past 8 months have delivered over 320 listings.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect to receive the first appointment?

Once you agree to receive the leads, we will take your information and setup your account. You should receive your first appointment within 5 business days, depending on how long it takes us to get your information.

Will the leads be integrated into my CRM?

During the trial, we will text and email the lead information to you. After the trial, we provide you with a CRM and add the leads there. If you have a CRM you work with, we will integrate the leads to flow directly into your CRM.

How do you get the leads/appointments?

We run ads and do your marketing to generate leads. If we fall short, we get the leads from county records, and then we use tools to find FSBOs, FRBOs, and Absentee Owners and layer Fed DNC on top of it to get the right list that we can dial for your market at a city, county, zip code level.

Are they actual in-person appointments or over the phone?

We have spoken to these leads and they are interested in hearing what you have to say. We set these appointments so you can meet them in person by their property, give them a home evaluation and get the conversation started. There are a few instances when people want to talk to you first before meeting you or they are out of town etc. In those cases, you could call them first and build a rapport and take the next steps. These are just the way you'd set appointments if you were prospecting yourself! Here are some examples of appointments we have sent.

Do they know a realtor is coming by to meet and potentially sell the property?

We communicate that you are a local expert and an agent and we represent you. You can get great offers for their property and you'd need to see the condition of the property and give them a plan to get the top dollar.

What are the hours of operations?

We operate all over the country (United States) and we send the leads between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM local time.

What if the lead doesn't answer my phone?

We make every attempt to communicate and remind the lead about the appointment. No show is part of the sales game. We treat the no-show just the way we treat the no-show in our sales process. We add them to the database, follow up and add value. Reach out to us and we will help you follow up also!