We Bring You Qualified Sellers

They want to talk to you.

How many can you close?

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We Bring You

Qualified Sellers

They want to talk to you.

How many can you close?

Get 5 Listings Appointments/mo

By submitting this form, you agree that Phodun Sales Team may contact you via text, email or call (may involve automated or pre-recorded means) about your inquiry. You may revoke this consent through any reasonable means.

Hate working with poor quality leads?

Leads that are looky loos, were just "curious" about the value of their home. Not really interested in talking to a realtor?

We generate leads and qualify with an ISA

We call all the leads to see if they are motivated and have a timeline and a reason to buy or sell

We are a non nonsense digital marketing company that specializes in Real Estate Lead Generation and Conversion. No more wrong numbers. No more cold calls. No more being burnt by inexperienced marketers.

Looking for a marketing company every 3 months?

This is the last marketing company you'll ever need if we are the right fit for your lead gen services. Everything we do is transparent and no secret sauces held back. We take an educative and consultative approach. We are both looking to grow our businesses, and we know we don't grow if you don't!

What our customers say?

Outstanding Results. In 2 months 18 viable leads - 7 NOW business

David Saint Germain, MN

I'm SHOCKED!! 1 Listing + 4 Buyers.

Rina Stuart, FL

Dion is making over $50k in 3 months, and loves being with us

Dion Fowler, AZ

Generate & Convert The Easy way

Being a realtor is like doing 5 jobs in one role. In addition to the roller coaster cash flow experience, month after month - you are constantly exercising both logical and creative sides of your brain all the time. Being on the road and negotiating and winning for your customers is exhausting enough. Knowing you need to comeback to your desk and prospect, follow up and market is another full time job

We Offer An Easier Solution.

We make generating qualified leads super easy for you so you don't have to.

I'm Rohan. My team and I put our hearts into creating the perfect strategy so you do your job and not worry about who else is looking to buy and sell houses in your market.

" I feel very lucky to have found this company. When I signed up, I was hoping for at least 3 or 4 closings from this system for the entire year. I can see I am going to far surpass that. Pleasantly surprised to have actually found something that works!! I couldn't be happier!"

We Generate Leads and Integrate with All Platforms

All our clients get their own CRM included in the package. We also integrate with any CRMs you have such as kvCore, LionDesk, RealGeeks etc. If you have your own leads, bring them on and we will follow up with them for you.

How do I generate quality leads?

Generating quality leads is honestly quite easy. It all starts with true understanding of your customers and their pain points. We talk to their deep rooted fears and challenges and show them you have what it takes to solve their problems and have the experience, credibility and resources to execute.

How it works

See what we do and how we generate results. We walk you through a case study.

Learn about us

We know you work with someone who you'll like and trust. Get to know us a little...

We know you are busy and hate wasting your time. Schedule a call to see if we are a good fit.

No Contracts! No 35% referral fees!

"I've been burnt by so many marketers. I just need a system that works. I don't want to be stuck in any contracts, I hate paying insanely high 35% referral fees to companies. Can I just find someone who can deliver good leads and charge reasonably for it?"

- Don't Worry! We've Got You Covered!

No long term contracts...

* We hate to be in a contract as much as you do when we don't know each other and not knowing if we are a good fit. We like to go on a few dates first.

No referral fees...

* 35% is a ridiculously high referral fee when majority of the leg work, grunt work, emotional work, negotiation and closing happens on your end.

We both have the same goal. We want to grow our businesses and upgrade the lives of our loved ones. We want to work towards that goal and work alongside of other who share similar desires.

"I was looking for a way to get high quality leads generated, and they are doing a terrific job. What I love is that they generated about 150 leads, but have only passed on to me the people that are really interested in moving forward. It allows me to concentrate on the qualified ones, not every incoming lead"

Quality warm introductions

First impressions are the best impressions. It's absolutely crucial that you have an opportunity to make that with your potential clients who are our leads. We speak to the right leads and then patch them through on the call after giving you all the information you need to know about them.

We do the leg work, so you can pull the heart strings and close the deal

Don't fret the platforms

You want to close as many deals as you possibly can consistently every single month. And we want you to have zero distractions when it comes to that. We can educate and consult you on what ads to run, which platforms to choose, how to retarget etc. but the best part is you don't really need to know anything.

We do the leg work of creating, and running ads, bringing them to the CRM, qualifying every lead over text and phone call to ensure they are interested in making a move and have a reason to do so... and then we make the introduction to you so you can go and build the rapport and close the deal.

A Better Way To Grow Your Business

Our job is to introduce you to people who are looking to buy and or sell. They are ready willing and able. Your job is to make a great impression, build rapport, establish credibility and close.

  • Ready Willing and Able
  • Interested in talking to you
  • Buyer Leads
  • Live Transferred w ISA
  • Guide you on conversion
  • Moving in 0 - 6 months
  • Seller Leads
  • We take care of Marketing - You go close!
  • No Long term commitment

Our clients love us and trust us! We don't take it for granted!

Marketing is about messaging and mathematics - not magic! It's based on series of experiments on how humans react to different messages and how can we find the right people who need help and offer a solution to them. Real estate is a people business and a long sales cycle at that. It takes a few months for you to get your first commission after we run a new campaign and generate leads.

We do our best to get you the best people looking to buy and sell houses. We want to partner with the best agents and brokers who are confident in their abilities to close.

Grow your business with us

Real Estate Marketing that gets you ROI

Give us a try! You'll be happy you did.

Phodun LLC, has been helping realtors and brokers get in front of right people looking to buy and sell houses. Our system generates seller and buyer leads with high intent. The key is to be able to follow up, nurture, and qualify these leads which takes up the majority of the time so you don't waste that time.

You enjoy your business focusing on serving your clients, hiring agents for your teams, and training them so they can also close and bring more business for you!

We've been doing this for a long time and we've made all the mistakes and learn from those. We are so confident in our systems, if we don't get you the results - you don't pay! That's our Guarantee!

Grow your business with us!

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