Assistant Pre-Qualified

Residential Buyer & Seller Leads

Live Transferred

Assistant Pre-Qualified

Residential Buyer & Seller Leads

Live Transferred

We generate and qualify leads, so you don't waste your time on junk leads.

We back this up with 100% money back guarantee...


Lead Generation Ads

Best in class lead generation ads, that use long form filtering, so all the non-leads are weeded out even before they enter our system

State of the art CRM

Our state of the art CRM nurtures and follows up with your leads, sets up appointments right into your calendar and so much more that you'll be stunned

Speed to Lead

We instantly call and follow up with interested leads. We follow-up up to 1 year with 26 touch points

Perks w/ Phodun

Claim your region


Once you sign on with you - you have the exclusivity in your region as long as you are with us. The leads we generate are exclusive to you. We won't take on additional clients in your region.

Month to Month


With our simple monthly pricing, there are NO long term contracts. We are confident you'll love our system, but if you decide to look elsewhere - no contract should stop you!

Money Back Guarantee


We are very confident in our systems! So we have a 30 day money back policy for you. We know you won't need it. It's there just so your risk is minimized.

Who is Rohan Attravanam?

Rohan is the Founder and CEO of Phodun Real Estate. He's a Real Estate Agent Marketer. He generates Home Buyers and Sellers for clients all across US. He's been in Real Estate for 5 Years and been marketing for 13 yrs. He started his company almost a year ago.

He has been marketing, and building products for Samsung, Whirlpool, Walmart, and Ten-X Commercial for the last 13 years.

He has a strong pedigree in education. An MBA in Marketing from one of the top Marketing programs in the country at Indiana University and an Electronics Engineering from one of the IVY leagues in India.


Henderson, NEVADA

" ALL-IN-ONE system! It tackles my major issue of following up! ... Qualified, Motivated and Ready to go leads... avoids sales roller coaster! Keeps my pipeline full"

Ogden, UTAH

"... steady increase of clients who are committed. Kept us at task to increase our branding in the community. Highly recommended"

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